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We have developed a dynamic process to incorporate all client interview specifications. We have recruitment experts and a far-reaching network capable of finding the talent that your organization needs.

FPC St. Lawrence Process to Recruiting Candidates

Our process of recruiting involves several interrelated steps and we work in partnership with our clients, taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of each client's business requirements, competencies needed, and culture. The steps are described as follows:

Preliminary Assignment Study and Development of Search Specifications and Strategy

Prior to undertaking the search itself, we participate in meetings with your key executives, directors, representatives, etc., to gain as much knowledge of your organization and its management as conditions and confidentiality permit.  In order to identify and attract the best candidates, we believe it is essential that we understand your activities and organizational environment as well as possess an in-depth awareness of your plans, objectives and expectations.  Our meetings with your key personnel usually include members of the anticipated selection team.


After this preliminary work is completed, we prepare a position and candidate specification, which includes the position description and specifications for the ideal candidate.  At the same time, we develop and review with you a basic search strategy and a list of target organizations on which the primary thrust of our search is expected to be focused.


Research, Source Contacts, Prospective Candidate Screening, and Evaluation

Utilizing the resources of our extensive research teams, and our research retrieval system, candidate prospects, and sources are identified and discreetly contacted and screened.  The most suitable prospects are evaluated against the ideal candidate specifications.  Reference information is developed on prospective candidates, if possible, before introducing candidates to you.


Candidate Reports and Introductory Meetings

Comprehensive candidate reports are submitted to you prior to introductory meetings with the most qualified and attractable individuals.  These reports include candidate data and detailed career history,  incisive analysis and appraisal prepared by us and if available, preliminary reference data compiled from our database, consultants, or third-party sources


Candidate meetings then are scheduled with you.  We are available to be present at these meetings, primarily in the role of an observer/facilitator.  Our participation, albeit limited, can enhance our ability to provide the necessary guidance and support to both parties during the latter stages of the assignment.


Candidate Selection, Negotiations, Reference Checking, and Closure

When the appropriate candidate is selected and the search enters the final negotiation and reference-checking stages, we participate as facilitators in both these sensitive and sometimes difficult steps.  Our past experience has shown that our participation often ensures a successful conclusion to the search.


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