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Medical Devices Practice

Market dynamics appear to be positive. Underlying trends in Medical devices sales are even more positive.  The U.S. currently leads the world market with more than $200 billion in annual revenues and even the sales in emerging markets are expected to grow more than 10%.   Tremendous innovations are forecasted in this industry.   Although hospitals remain the traditional foundation of the medical device market, the base has begun to expand into more nontraditional spaces. “Digital health” is at the forefront of this expansion as technological innovation redefines devices to include small handhelds or wearables along with their larger predecessors.   New Partnerships are being developed with players like Apple, Google, and Web-connected medical devices market are witnessing astonishing growth. 






















FPC of St. Lawrence serves large and midsize global companies and has unrivaled access to leading engineers and competent leaders. Our research staff and consultants are networked with key industry leaders in critical functional areas such as:


  • Engineering

  • Program Management

  • Product Marketing

  • Sales

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Purchasing and Supply Chain

  • Quality Assurance

  • Operation



FPC St. Lawrence Medical Devices Practice
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