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Resume Tips

FPC of St. Lawrence has compiled these articles to assist you in writing a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd. (Note that each of the headlines below in blue is a link for additional detailed resource information)


Writing an  Effective Resume

This article will show you how to write an effective resume that will help you stand apart from the competition. 

Wrong Resume Format Can Hurt You 
Which resume format best accentuates your accomplishments, fits your objective and gives you the greatest shot at getting your foot in the door?

Tailoring Your Resume 
Too often, job hunters send a generic resume for every position they seek.  Learn why tailoring your resume is vital in today's job market.

Resume Spamming Can Bite You 
The information highway can throw you some curves and even become downright treacherous when mass emailing your resume or posting your resume online.

Don't Get Lost in a Database 
As companies and recruiters are increasingly requesting job candidates to submit their resume online, what steps can you take to ensure that your resume doesn’t get swallowed up in the technology black hole?


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