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Staying Positive During a Job Hunt

If you've been on a job hunt for any length of time, you may be getting into that natural slump that comes when a job hunt takes longer than hoped for. However, the last thing your job hunt needs is for you to lose that positive attitude. So, take a deep breath, exhale all that frustration, and let's talk about some tips for keeping your spirits high during a job hunt. 

A Critical Factor in Long-Term Job Hunting

Keeping a positive attitude during a job hunt is a key factor in getting a job. A poor attitude will affect all areas of your job search. You'll search with less enthusiasm, you'll make less calls, and you'll probably find yourself sleeping in more.

Worse yet, when you finally do get an interview, your disheartened attitude will bleed right through to your prospective employer. An interviewer is very good at picking up on subtleties during an interview. If your attitude is less than enthusiastic, the interviewer will know.

Here's what Ron Herzog, President of FPC (Fortune Personnel Consultants) has to say about the effects of positive attitude.

“If you are discouraged it will show when you go on interviews. Since networking is key and you should always be looking for any opportunity to make new connections, remember that everyone you speak to should feel your confidence.”

The only question that remains is, “How do you do that?”

Attitude Tips for Your Job Hunt

If you're reading this and realizing that your attitude needs a shot of adrenaline, here are some tips to help you keep your positive attitude during, what can be, a very stressful time.

First, avoid the urge to sleep in. Job hunting should become your temporary job. Get up at the same time every day and work your tail off to get as much done as possible in the time you have during regular working hours. You've been doing this for your employer for years. Now it's time to make that hard work pay off for you.

You are your new, temporary employer. So, make a plan for yourself every day. Set specific, attainable goals you want to accomplish for the day, or draw up a weekly plan. For a deeper discussion on making a plan check out “Plan Your Next Career Move.
” Succeeding at small steps along the way will do wonders for keeping a positive mindset, and every task you accomplish makes you one step closer to a new job.

An example of one day of a weekly plan may look like this:


Job Search Plan - Monday
9am: start calling people on your list (make your list the night before) to set up informational interviews, let friends and acquantances know you are looking or just re-establish contact.
10:30am: research companies and industries that are hiring
12pm – take a real lunch break to relax and refocus
1pm – establish more connections on LinkedIn or other appropriate social networking sites
2pm: call more people
3pm: research more companies & look for people you know inside
4pm: make a list of the people you will contact the next day

When your day of job hunting is done, spend some time with your family. Many of us work long hours and have a great deal of overtime. Here's your chance, as your temporary employer, to give yourself time to deepen relationships with your spouse or kids. You need a strong support system during a job search.

Pick up something to study. While you're between jobs, take the  opportunity to develop those transferable skills which are so critical to job hunting. There are many things you can study for free online or you can find a low cost course that develops you as a person or an employee.

Pro-bono work is an excellent way to keep your skills sharp, add an outstanding addition to your resume and give you a strong sense of accomplishment.  You can make connections through the volunteer pro-bono work, and who knows, a job may develop out of it.

If an extended job hunt does start to dishearten you, while continuing your daily job search, take some time to fix something around the house or volunteer in your community. You'll gain a sense of accomplishment that'll make you feel good about yourself again and get you mentally ready to get passionate about your job hunting.

And, by all means, keep yourself healthy. Don't sit in front of the television with a bag of potato chips and a 2 liter bottle of soda. Get out and do some yard work. Take up some great exercise like a daily walk. Get that blood flowing and get yourself energized.


Networking and Power of Search Agency

Finally, don't forget that every time you contact someone about a job opening you're putting out feelers and networking with people who can help you in your job hunt.

Prospective employers have networks too. If they like you, but just don't have a position open for you, your name will come up when they talk to other hiring personnel with whom they network.

How FPC Can Help
A recruiting firm, or executive job search agency is a fantastic tool for networking. This is largely because they've already done a ton of networking for you. A recruiting or executive job search agency has one primary job, to build their network big enough so that they can quickly, and efficiently, match you and your skills with a hiring employer that needs a person like you.  Partner with a recruiting firm in your field.

Keep your attitude positive at all costs. Your attitude is a core factor in successfully job hunting.

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