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  • By Steve Margalit

Clients - Why use us?

FPC of St. Lawrence is a highly respected executive search firm, specializing in recommending qualified and competent professionals for taking on challenging assignments in the Medical Device, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and adjacent industries.

Our consultants at FPC of St. Lawrence have extensive experience at high levels in the industry in United States, with continuing contacts, here and abroad. WIth our in-depth knowledge of the industry in the United States, our global reach and our vast database of qualified candidates, we are in the best position to search, identify and recruit the best and brightest talent for our Clients.

During the past five years, we have conducted nearly 450 successful engagements and have assisted in a wide range of specialization areas.

Further, we have proven success and 86% of our business is from repeat clients. We work with and know key people in this industry and have unparalleled access to talent around the world. We have more than 55,000 leading executives and professionals around the world through our extensive personal contacts and our proprietary global database. Our research staff and IT capability allows us to evaluate over 2000 candidates per week. We have access to over 250 recruiters with whom we may collaborate to find the right talent.

Our consultants, well-steeped in navigating the changing industries, serve global companies and mid-sized clients throughout Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South America.

Specialized Consultants Your FPC of St. Lawrence consultant and recruiter understands your business because they specialize in your particular industry or in the discipline for which you're searching. In fact, many of our consultants have prior high-level career experience within the industry for which they now recruit. Industry expertise and contacts can expand the opportunities to locate the right people for open positions while accelerating the process. Understanding Your Organization At FPC of St. Lawrence, we know that good hiring decisions involve much more than matching skills and experience with the job description. Your consultant will devote time and effort thoroughly to understanding the culture and personality of your organization so that you are presented with candidates who will fit smoothly and comfortably into your company. This is a critical element of any retention strategy. Access to Talent The most talented and competent professionals, managers and executives are usually not looking for a job. They are already engaged and in demand. Often, though, they are receptive to the right professional opportunity. At FPC of St. Lawrence we use our expertise, experience, connections, network and the trust we've earned in the recruitment industry to give you access to talent you might otherwise never meet. Screening Prospects FPC of St. Lawrence may locate, screen and interview many prospects from across the nation. However, we save you time by introducing you to only the most qualified candidates. Our goal is to conduct each search promptly and efficiently. We work carefully with candidates to ensure their understanding of your company's needs and the position. Thanks to our in-depth screening methods, our clients usually find the right candidates after only a few interviews. Candidate Motivation Our job is not over once you have selected the ideal person for the position. Your consultant then works to motivate your chosen candidate to accept your offer. We serve as a liaison and help with negotiations. Confidentiality, Integrity and Trust Discretion is vital during recruiting, interviewing and negotiating to fill a position. Credentials and privileged information are handled in confidence. Our goal is to serve as an effective and trustworthy liaison between potential employer and candidate. You can trust that each FPC of St. Lawrence consultant with whom you have contact understands and abides by this credo and our code of ethics.


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