• Samirat Rivers

Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

Employers want to know what you can do for them, and how you are different from other applicants. Asking yourself the right questions is critical in determining what you can offer potential employers and how you can differentiate yourself from the masses. Sometimes you need to get a little creative.

See below for questions to help drive your thinking in order to better market yourself and maximize your individual positioning.

Have you acquired skills in other disciplines that provide a different perspective from those within your field?

Example(s): Working in product development, then transitioning to a marketing role allows you to better integrate the product development cycle with critical marketing deadlines when launching new initiatives.

What examples can you site where you displayed creative thinking in past or current professional scenarios?

Example(s): Promoting your product via social media by posting a ‘how to’ video on your company’s Facebook page (or in previous years, on your company website, as social media is a relatively new tool for corporations); OR, developing a new process (or modifying an existing one) within your department that increased efficiency or profits, or promoted greater internal communications, thereby decreasing departmental silos.

What can you do to acquire new skills and competencies to strengthen your brand?

Example(s): Watch online video tutorials on select topics to remain current in your field of expertise; OR, sign up for free webinars in your field for valuable tips and techniques; OR, follow relevant articles and blogs related to your discipline or industry.

How can you combine interests and hobbies with your professional persona to offer valuable and unique insights?

Example(s): As a marathon runner you leverage your strategy in preparing for marathons to your position at work – specifically, keeping a eye on the big picture, incorporating milestones, tracking progress, and meeting deadlines.

What skill(s) do you bring to the table that no one else brings?

Example(s): Your studies in psychology have enhanced your ability in product sales, by developing very keen skills in ‘reading’ your customer and better engaging them; OR, coaching a little league team gave you practical experience in motivating others to succeed.


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